A Photography Event for all Skill Levels

May 13, 2017
7 a.m .– 9 a.m. 
Adults ONLY (18+)

This event has passed. Please stay tuned for future photography opportunities. 

This year we hosted FOCUSED 150 - a continuation of the popular FOCUSED photography series. Guests that attended the event experienced:

A chance to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday with the Calgary Zoo, and to take the opportunity to photograph the incredible splendour of the Canadian Wilds in the early hours of the morning. 

FOCUSED 150 was based on the well-known fact that the Calgary Zoo has some of the city’s most spectacular morning light. So often, photographers are not given a chance to experience this wondrous time at the zoo.

Moreover, it is often difficult to snap the perfect shot of your favourite animal because the zoo is so full of energetic people. It’s for these two reasons that the Calgary zoo decided to host an early morning photography event as part of our Canada 150 celebrations. 

FOCUSED 150 provided photographers with an opportunity to photograph the zoo grounds, gardens and animals during the magnificent morning light and without interruptions or crowds.  

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