Speakers Bureau

Presentations by Our People

The people who work at the Calgary Zoo are every bit as interesting as the animals. Take advantage of their knowledge and book a presentation to make the event you’re planning as educational as it is fun.

Learn from Nature

Corporate-themed Presentations

We can all learn a thing or two from nature, including teamwork and how to look at things from a new perspective. Listen and learn how nature sets better examples for us than we give it credit for.

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Vet's Eye View

Doing dentistry on a lion or helping birth a baby animal – these are two of the many things a zoo vet might deal with in a day. You can hear what else as a staff veterinarian explains what a day in their work life is like. 

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Muskox don’t live up to their smelly name. They do not have a musk gland, although during the breeding season males create a stink by spraying themselves with urine.