Speakers Bureau

Presentations by Our People

The people who work at the Calgary Zoo are every bit as interesting as the animals. Take advantage of their knowledge and book a presentation to make the event you’re planning as educational as it is fun.

Learn from Nature

Corporate-themed Presentations

We can all learn a thing or two from nature, including teamwork and how to look at things from a new perspective. Listen and learn how nature sets better examples for us than we give it credit for.

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Vet's Eye View

Doing dentistry on a lion or helping birth a baby animal – these are two of the many things a zoo vet might deal with in a day. You can hear what else as a staff veterinarian explains what a day in their work life is like. 

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Straw-coloured fruit bats make their homes in tall trees, on rocks and even in caves. It might sound dark and lonely, but it’s really anything but. These bats live in large colonies that include thousands, or even millions, of individual bats.